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Blow Dry Bar

Blowouts are all the rage now - and maybe you've been considering a salon blowout for a while - but just don't know why you should pay for a professional blowout when you do a pretty dang good job on your own!

So I'll explain why you should come to KBB for your blowout.  The explanation as simple as 1-2-3!

1. Convenience.  At KBB Hair Salon's BlowDry Bar.  We have a team of stylist dedicated to nothing but blowouts.  That means we get you in, out and on with your life.  We have free wi-fi, so you can work or just catch up on NetFlix while you're getting your hair done.

2.  Cost. At first glance it might not seem like it, but having a blowout done professionally typically saves the client money. That's because the money spent on products (shampoo, conditioner, and various pomades, sprays, etc.) - especially if you have long hair - can really add up if you're doing a blowout every few days. A salon blowout typically lasts much longer than a blowout done at home.  If you're already buying $40 worth of products every week or two - a salon visit makes more sense.

The final and most important reason:

3. Hair Health. Our professional stylists have the knowledge and use products that protect your hair, direct the heat away from your scalp and keep the dryer far from your ends to minimize damage.

So call us to schedule your appointment (678) 324-6993.

Walk-ins are welcome!

Blowout Bar